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It’s oftentimes easier to take care of your smile when you understand the different parts and how they work. So, to help you know more about your oral health, our dental team would like to talk to you about the anatomy of a tooth.

The different parts that make up a tooth include the:

-Crown: The crown is the section of your tooth that is visible when you smile.

-Enamel: The enamel is the hard outer section of the tooth. This part acts as a shield and it fights off tooth decay and other dental issues.

-Dentin: Dentin is the hard tissue that is located beneath the enamel. It is a natural yellow color and it tends to give you a dull smile if the enamel starts to wear away.

-Pulp chamber: The pulp chamber is the space inside the tooth that harbors the nerve and blood vessels. If this section is ever infected or damaged, it is extremely painful.

-Root: The root is the section of the tooth that lies in the bone socket. It holds the tooth in place and keeps it connected to the jaw bone.

Now that you know the anatomy of a tooth, you are even more equipped to take good care of your smile! If you would like to know more about teeth or if you would like us to tell you about oral tissues and other parts of your oral health, please call our office at 210-526-0925. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with us, if you are interested in receiving a dental cleaning and checkup. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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