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What can you do to improve your oral health care? Not only can you improve your cleaning methods you use to keep your teeth sparkling and your gums shining, but you can improve the foods and drinks you consume, and the preventative treatments that can go along with it. Listed below are some helpful tips to improve your oral health care:

-Avoid any foods and objects that can fracture your teeth, or cause chipping and cracking.
-Use alternative cleaning products such as sugarless gum and mouthwash to help supplement brushing and flossing habits for your oral health care.
-Always attend your oral examinations and professional cleanings at your dentist.
-Never share your toothbrush or unclean eating utensils with others, as this can spread bacteria.
-Take good care of your toothbrush by avoiding contamination. This includes storing it properly in a well-ventilated area away from other toothbrushes.
-Listen and follow all instructions, advice, and recommendations your dentist can provide.
-Look for products that feature the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This seal ensures the product reaches ideal safety and effectiveness guidelines.
-Eat nutritious meals to help keep your teeth strong and healthy.
-Beware of any medications that can potentially cause dry mouth, and take the necessary steps to protect your smile.
-Avoid snacking between large meals.

If you would like to discuss your oral health care options with Dr. Watkins and the rest of our team here at W Dental Group, please schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in San Antonio, TX. Our number is 210-526-0925. We look forward to helping you decide which options will work best in your quest for a whiter smile.


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