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One of our goals here at W Dental Group is to help all of our patients in their overall wellness goals (after all W Dental Group is where wellness begins with a smile ☺︎).  

So, every Friday we’ll be posting a weekend reading message with all kinds of different tips, tricks and articles on a variety of subjects that we find interesting and helpful in all aspects of life, not just dental.  Our hope is that you will find these posts useful in your life and share them with others to help spread smiles.

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Relax. Don’t worry. You got this.
We know, we know. Defeating stress is WAY easier said than done. But if your day-to-day has you on edge, you could be putting yourself at risk for a number of health problems. From migraines to high blood pressure, stress contributes to — and then exacerbates — ailments of all kinds.
Think you don’t have the time? You don’t have to take a month-long vacation to get your head right, but it is important to evaluate and reduce your stress levels as you go about your day. The best part about being stress free (aside from feeling better physically)? You’ll be better prepared for opportunities when they come knocking.


Stress Management — Ways to Relieve Stress

If you aren’t doing anything to relieve the stress you’re feeling, this is a great place to start. WebMD recommends some really easy, really effective techniques for stress reduction and management. Anybody can do these, guys. There’s really no excuse! Take control of your stress, starting today.

9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try

Stress isn’t something we suddenly start experiencing when we turn 18 — kids get stressed out too. And if you have a kid with anxiety, you know how debilitating it can be for them. If your child struggles with anxiety, this article is a must-read. These methods could be what it takes to help your child learn a healthier thought pattern and overcome the worry.

12 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work

Is your job to blame? Work might be overwhelming, but you can’t let it get the best of you. If you are serious about dealing with stress, work is probably where you should start. Even if these tips from Forbes help you go from pulling your hair to just feeling a little drained at the end of the week, they’ve done some good. After all, if you spend most of your time working, think about the repercussions of being on edge the entire time. Do yourself (and your team) a favor, and try some of these stress-management ideas.

How Stress Effects Your Body

Don’t think stress in your life is much to worry about?  Watch this animated video from TexEd about how stress can wreak all kinds of havoc on your body.  Maybe getting a massage a month is worth it if it can save a lifetime of illness later on.














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