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One of our goals here at W Dental Group is to help all of our patients in their overall wellness goals (after all W Dental Group is where wellness begins with a smile ☺︎).  

So, every Friday we’ll be posting a weekend reading message with all kinds of different tips, tricks and articles on a variety of subjects that we find interesting and helpful in all aspects of life, not just dental.  Our hope is that you will find these posts useful in your life and share them with others to help spread smiles.




Since 2002, the National Education Association has dubbed March 2 — birthday of the whimsical Dr. Seuss — “Read Across America” Day. It’s a day where schools throughout the country encourage kids to pick up a book and read or parents to sit down and read with their children.

Here’s a question, though: When was the last time you finished a book? For some of us, the question’s easy — “Just the other day!” you might say. But for about 27% of Americans, it might be a little trickier.

A 2016 study by Pew Research surveyed 1,520 adults living all across America about their reading habits. It determined that 1 in 4 Americans hadn’t read a book in the last year. But ask any of your friends or co-workers, and many will probably list “read more” as one of their goals, up there with getting fit and eating healthy.

Here are some fun reading tips and tricks to inspire you to crack open a new read this month:



Tips For Reading More Books

A lot of would-be readers will tell you that they want to get on the book train, but they “just don’t have time.” The truth is, that’s almost never true. Whether you learn to carry your book everywhere you go, listen to audiobooks on your long commute, or train yourself to read instead of watch TV, reading is a habit that’s surprisingly easy to fit into a busy day.

Literary Gluttony — How To Consume More Books This Year

Many avid readers assume that simply telling their friends and family “Hey — you should read more!” will be enough to set that person on a reading spree. If you need a bigger push to dive into the written word, check out this list that not only includes more tips, but reasons to crack open a spine or two.

17 Great Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

Of course, if you’re going to be reading a lot, you’re going to need some recommendations. Here’s a list of several books lauded by the RealSimple staff as “terrific.” The list covers a wide variety of genres — you’re sure to find something you like among these excellent picks.

Just for Fun: Hey, Book Lovers: Now You Can Smell The Part

If you’re really serious about the reader’s lifestyle, you can try on one of the many perfumes replicating “books of a certain vintage.” Many studies have shown that the smell of old books produces endorphins in most people, so maybe it’ll even make you more popular!

But I wouldn’t count on it.
















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