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While suffering a chipped or fractured tooth from an accidental impact to the mouth can certainly be distressing, many forms of oral trauma can also cause harm to soft oral tissues. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury to their cheek, gums, or lip, providing some simple first-aid can help manage pain, reduce chances of suffering further complications, and help assess the need for emergency care.

Excess blood on the lip, chin or other parts of the face can gently be wiped away with a warm, wet washcloth. If there is blood or other unwanted material, it can be rinsed away with lukewarm saltwater.

If soft tissues in the mouth have been lacerated or torn away from the main oral structure, you shouldn’t attempt to remove them. This should be left to an Emergency Room physician or a trained oral health care practitioner like Dr. Watkins or Dr. Peña and our professional team.

Lightly applying a cold compress on the area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time can also help reduce swelling. If you don’t have one on hand, you can improvise a cold compress by placing crushed ice in a zip-top bag wrapped in a washcloth or light towel.

Lightly pressing sterile gauze to the wound might help control the bleeding. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped after 20 to 30 minutes you should strongly consider going to the Emergency Room. If you live in the San Antonio, TX, area and you need professional advice for treating a soft oral tissue injury, you can always call 210-526-0925 to speak with Dr. Watkins or Dr. Peña or a member of the staff at W Dental Group today.


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