There are several dental problems that require oral surgery to be remedied. If you have impacted teeth, tooth loss, or jaw related problems, Dr. Watkins may recommend oral surgery in San Antonio, Texas.

The teeth that most commonly become impacted are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third molars and are the last teeth to develop. In most cases, the jaw is not large enough to allow them to grow in correctly. When this happens, they fail to emerge fully through the gum line and become entrapped between the jawbone and the gums. This can result in swelling, pain, and infection.

If you have lost teeth, dental implants may be used to replace them. Our dentists will surgically place the implant post, which acts as replacement tooth roots, in your jawbone. A replacement tooth is made and attached to this post.

Some people have unequal jaw growth. One of their jaws does not grow properly, which can cause difficulty in speaking, eating, swallowing, and breathing. Serious cases require oral surgery to move the jaw into a more balanced and functional position. Dysfunction of the TMJ, or jaw joints, may require oral surgery if it is an advanced case or if there is a specific problem in the joint.

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