If you have a cavity, the decayed portion of the tooth will be removed and the area will be filled with filling materials. Fillings can also be used to repair cracked, broken, and worn down teeth. If you have a cavity or need tooth repair, Dr. Watkins may recommend a dental filling in San Antonio, Texas.

There are two main filling materials to choose from. Silver fillings, or amalgam fillings, are durable, usually outlasting composite fillings. They are strong and less expensive than composite fillings. However, silver fillings do not match the color of natural teeth. Composite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, are made to closely match the color of your existing teeth. They are chemically bonded to your tooth structure, adding to their strength. Composite fillings can be used to repair teeth that are chipped, broken, or worn down. In some cases, less tooth structure needs to be removed to prepare for the filling in comparison with amalgam fillings. However, composite fillings wear out sooner than amalgam fillings. Talk to our dentists about which filling type is best suited for your needs.

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