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Did you know that there are oral hygiene products in the world today that can harm your teeth and gums if you use them? Well, it’s true! It’s very important to choose the best, safest, and most effective tools to clean your smile, and our W Dental Group team is more than happy to help you do that! While you are at the store, please avoid purchasing the following products:

Over-the-counter scalers
A scaler is a tool that can remove the plaque and tartar from your smile. However, the only way this tool is helpful is if it’s properly used, and the only people who know how to use it are your dental hygienists and your dentist. Using this tool on your own can result in many dental issues, like sensitive teeth, chipped teeth, irritated gums, gum abscesses, and gum infections. So, it’s best to avoid personal use of this tool.

Hard-bristled toothbrushes
Hard-bristled toothbrushes do not effectively clean your smile like you think they do. In fact, they tend to wear the tooth enamel and irritate the gums, causing major dental issues. The best product to use to brush your pearly whites is a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Products that are not approved by the ADA
The American Dental Association seal of approval is something to look for on all oral hygiene products. This stamp means that the product is safe and effective. If the product does not have this stamp, your smile might be in danger if you use it.

If you clean your smile with a soft-bristled toothbrush and oral hygiene products that have been approved by the ADA, you will be on the right track toward a strong and successful oral health. We also encourage you to remember to attend your dental cleanings and checkups with your dentist, Dr. Thomas Watkins, every six months. If you have any questions about the best oral hygiene products in San Antonio, Texas, or if you would like to know more about dental care, please feel free to call 210-526-0925 and talk to a member of our team. We are more than happy to help you!


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