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With National Children’s Dental Health Month approaching in February, it’s always a good idea to remember your children have oral needs too. The earlier you bring your child into the dentist the more likely your child will feel comfortable with the dentist, giving your child a positive feeling and experience each time they visit the dental office.

According to the American Dental Association, when your child receives their first tooth, this is means it’s time for them to meet the dentist. By teaching your child the importance of oral health early, this will guide them down a path of positive oral health throughout their lifetime, for healthier teeth to grow.

Baby teeth are important because they set the stage for permanent teeth. Even though children lose their baby teeth, there gums still need to stay in positive oral health for the permanent teeth to grow into the gums. They are also important because the baby teeth help children chew food easily, speak more quickly and clearly, and hold the space in the jaw for permanent teeth developing under the gums.

Teaching your children about oral care is vital at a young age because it helps them learn important oral habits they can use each day. This will help your child to be more comfortable with dental tools and equipment like a toothbrush and floss, so they are less likely to be nervous when the dentist puts these dental tools in their mouth.

We strive to make children feel safe, comfortable, and secure when they come in to visit. Our dental group wants your children to learn about keeping their smile healthy, so they can maintain positive oral health throughout their lifetime. So bring your family in for a friendly dental visit. Let the children become familiarized with our staff and dental experiences, to avoid dental anxiety and negative oral health in their lives.


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