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One of our goals here at W Dental Group is to help all of our patients in their overall wellness goals (after all W Dental Group is where wellness begins with a smile ☺︎).  

So, every Friday we’ll be posting a weekend reading message with all kinds of different tips, tricks and articles on a variety of subjects that we find interesting and helpful in all aspects of life, not just dental.  Our hope is that you will find these posts useful in your life and share them with others to help spread smiles.

San Antonio Dentist W Dental Group Blog - Bring The Outside In

Spring may be in the air, but if you spend most of the day indoors, there’s a good chance you won’t even notice. When you’re unable to get out of your home or office as much as you’d like, you might consider bringing the outdoors in. House plants have an array of benefits, including their amazing air-cleansing powers. Plants reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the environment — literally breathing new life into a drab space. Fortunately, you don’t have to have the greenest of thumbs to grow healthy houseplants. Here are a few exciting ideas for freshening up your indoor space this spring.

The Best Plants For Each Room

When it comes to indoor plants, not all environments are created equally. Some rooms are sunny and warm, with big windows facing west, while some are dark and cool, with little light. The bathroom tends to be more humid, whereas the air in your office might lack moisture. These are all factors to consider when you decide which plants you’d like to invite into your unique home or office space — and where to keep them.

11 Fresh Ideas For Indoor Herb Gardens

Using fresh-picked herbs in cooking is a surefire way to enhance any meal. Whether you prefer basil, rosemary, or mint, there are endless creative ways to plant and display the delicious herbs you love in your home. Here are a few crafty ideas for planting an indoor herb garden that looks lovely in any kitchen. Get inspired.

Indoor Trees That Spruce Up Any Space

To add some edgy freshness to the room, try an indoor tree. Easy-care tropical trees are beautiful, low-maintenance, and air-cleansing. Whether you love the long leaves of the alli-ficus or the twisted trunk of the money tree, this list proves that trees aren’t just for backyards anymore.

Just for fun: 16 Funny-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Forgot How To Be Plants

Everything in nature is unique. But these plants and vegetables take their individuality to new heights. Some plants just want to be people.









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