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Are your teeth in desperate need of dental fillings? With traditional dental fillings, you can restore your oral health by repairing cavities and preventing future cavities from occurring. Dental fillings often come in two main varieties, specifically composite fillings and dental amalgams. Although they both seek to restore your smile and keep it safe from cavities, the materials in each are vastly different.

Dental amalgams have been around for over 150 years in America, and have a proven track record of effectiveness with treating cavities. However, they are designed using a variety of metals including mercury as a bonding agent. Due to their design, a shiny metallic sheen is left on your teeth after they are placed. If an amalgam is damaged, it must be removed before a new one can be inserted.

Composite fillings are highly effective at repairing small and medium-sized cavities. Composite fillings are most notably known for their toothlike appearance and are often referred to as tooth-colored fillings. Composite fillings can mimic the natural look of teeth and should one fail, a new one can be placed on a tooth without the need to remove the original.

Whichever dental filling service you feel would best suit your needs, Dr. Thomas Watkins and our team here at W Dental Group in our dentist office in San Antonio, TX are committed to providing you the service you require. We can be reached at 210-526-0925. Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!


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